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Producer - Brand Strategist - Certified Yapper

I'm a Gemini, and the youngest of four children. Meaning: I love to talk. If you believe in birth order, I am outgoing, resilient,

and will answer to just about any name you can think of. 

I picked up a camera when I was 17, and I have had one in hand ever since. Whether it’s a film or digital, I channel my inner Cam Jansen as I’m piecing together the world around me through photos. Also, a picture is a great conversation starter!

When I’m not talking, I’m observing the world around me.

I appreciate understanding the simple human truths of life

and why people act the way they do. Not so coincidentally,

I found advertising. Whether teaching myself to crochet,

or building a campaign strategy from scrappy research, I seek

to understand, and then I build upon it. 

If I was a Barbie, my accessories would be an iced coffee,

a camera, chapstick, and a Metrocard. Shoot me a message

to chat about all things coffee, jobs, or just about anything else-

I promise, the conversation won’t be one-sided.


"Michelle saved my elderly grandmother from being run over by Air Force One by throwing herself in front of the high speed jet."

Alex Abbott, 

Michelle's roommate

"She has an amiable personality, always ready with a kind word and a smile." 

Jeanne Fondacaro, Michelle's mother

"A great student, a pleasure to have in class, but talks a little bit too much."

My first grade teacher, and probably also my professors in grad school 

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