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The Ask: How can SoulCycle take a timeless approach to social media and marketing in the new year?

The Strategy: Unleash SoulCycle's brand of spirituality.

The Solution: Tap into your spirituality and Feel Your Sync at SoulCycle. 

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How did SoulCycle get here?

SoulCycle began offering spin classes in 2006, and saw major success in the 2010s with the rise of boutique fitness. We were tasked with bringing SoulCycle back to this state of grace with a timeless social media marketing campaign.


So, what’s your relationship like with God?

If you're not religious, you're not alone

The number of American adults who consider themselves to have no religious affiliation has skyrocketed from 8% in 1990 to 30% in 2021

SoulCycle's current market is...

  • Majority female

  • Age 25 to 44

  • High-earning

  • Highly-educated

SoulCycle's current market disagrees with statements such as...

  • "Religion should be the pillar                      of our society."

  • "I attended a religious service recently."

“What is emerging in the wake of this decline is a uniquely

American brand of post-religious spirituality.” Forbes

As religion is declining, young American adults are becoming more spiritual. However, spirituality does not offer the same sense of community. 

SoulCycle counters this.

SoulCycle's Version of Spirituality is...

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It takes classic elements of spirituality without the element of isolation. Classes are about creating energy as a group. 

Synchronized movement and riding in sync are spiritual, SoulCycle is spiritual.


Studies also show that synchronizing movements can double the amount of endorphins an activity produces and make strangers feel more connected.


Riders who are looking for vibrant energy and community can find spiritual moments at SoulCycle. 


Our Strategy: Unleash SoulCycle’s brand of spirituality.

Creative Platform: SoulCycle: Feel Your Sync

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Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 12.17_edited.j

'Feel Your Sync' defines SoulCycle's unique brand of spirituality. It doesn't mean quiet yoga, meditation, or isolation; rather it's riding along to music you can feel, pushing past moments of weakness, and encouraging those taking the journey alongside you. 

While this campaign lives primarily online in social media and a merchandise launch on the brand's website, we also defined how it can come to life through a projection in SoulCycle's existing spaces and features added to classes.

Team: Clare Malone (ST), Madeline Miranda (AD), Jenn Valerio (AD), Deba Dumbre (CW), Hannah Kent (XD)

My Role: Account Manager

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