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*Young Shits July/August 2023 Winner*


The Ask: Many people have adopted pets during the pandemic, but their lives are busy and their wallets are

hurting. How can we help pets stay in homes, rather than being returned to the shelter?

The Strategy: 72 hours (often the minimum holding time for a pound before an animal can be put down)

can be the difference between a pet being euthanized, or garnering the support to stay with their family.

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The Solution: Partner with local shelters and the ASPCA for 'Before The Clock Strikes Zero."

What is the problem?

We were told that pets who were adopted during the pandemic were being returned to the shelter in droves, under the impression that pet owners were too busy to care for, train, or spend time with their pets. 

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"In 2022, the trend worsened: 4 percent more animals entered shelters than left... Shelter Animals Count projects that by the end of 2023, the population gap will tick up to 5 percent." Vox

But if dog is a man's best friend, who really wants to rehome their dog?

What is the real problem here?


People aren't returning their pets

to shelters because they gave up.


They are forced by dire financial needs.

With many pet owners returning to their office post-pandemic, and inflation surging, they are paying more for care, food, and various other expenses. People are unable to care for their pets and their families at the same time. 

"The same economic trends that affect people always affect animals," referring to high inflation and the nation's housing crisis that has led to a rise in eviction rates and homelessness. "Housing insecurity is the top reason people are surrendering their animals."

Stephanie Filer, Executive Director of Shelter Animals Count

The Very Human Truth: For pet owners,

surrendering their pet is a last resort. 

"Families in poverty who love their pets... face "mental and emotional devastation" from the unimaginable choice of weighing that love against potential financial ruin," said Blackwell," who is the former Deputy Director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA. Talk Poverty

Families do not want to surrender their pet, because they know the potential fate they face. Once a pet is surrendered, they have very little time left. Minimum holding periods before euthanization, on average, are only 72 hours.

Before The Clock Strikes Zero

The solution is to partner with the ASPCA and local animal shelters to launch the campaign: Before The Clock Strikes Zero. Before The Clock Strikes Zero emphasizes that 72 hours can be the difference between life and death for a pet surrendered to a shelter.

72 hours isn't a lot of time for a dog in the pound, but it can be enough time to help a family to not have to surrender their pet. 

Before The Clock Strikes Zero will launch in three major ways: 

1. Website Launch

The primary component of our campaign is to launch a website with the ASPCA where pet owners can start a campaign (think: GoFundMe for pets) before they are forced to give up their pet. The campaign will last 72 hours, allowing resources such as supplies or donations to be donated directly to the owner. By emphasizing 72 hours, we are also reminding potential donors of the fate the pet faces and the urgency of the situation. 

2. Social Media Stunt

The website will be accompanied by a social media stunt to further garner attention. We will partner with Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) on Instagram creating a publicized 72 hour countdown that will supposedly countdown to Doug's account being deactivated. Users who click , worried about their favorite Instagram dog leaving the app, will instead find more information about 'Before The Clock Strikes Zero." 

3. Twitch Partnership

Lastly, we will partner with Twitch to raise their well known 48 hour streaming limit to 72 hours, and host the first ever 72 hour Twitch livestream in Twitch's Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos category. In doing so, we will feature well known pet and pet-passionate streamers such as Vox the Dog. We will also feature pets and their owners who need immediate help, and invite Twitch users to spread the word by donating or sharing their own pet experience. 

Team: Paris Cipollone (AD, CW)

My Role: Strategist and Account Manager

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