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We were tasked with concepting, storyboarding, directing and producing a :30 ad that offers a new point of view on eharmony. We realized the insight

that in dating, we're not looking for someone just to tolerate us, but rather someone that appreciates

our silly quirks. We came to the idea of...


eharmony: Where quirks meet their match. 

As we were planning this shoot, we started listing some quirks someone might see in online dating. Whether speaking from creativity or firsthand experience, we decided on a few that could be best communicated on screen. 

In picking our location, we had to be scrappy. With only a few hours to shoot, we decided on an apartment that could be versatile. We used different rooms, strategic angles, and lighting to look like different locations altogether. We pulled together a prop list and a few willing student actors, and began shooting. 

Team: Mahek Asher (AD), Charlie Henson (AD)

My Role: Director and Producer

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