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We were tasked with concepting, storyboarding, directing and producing a :30 ad for Hallmark, using only two title cards and no voiceover. We had the insight that no matter the occasion, Hallmark is the go-to card brand. Thus, we came to the idea of...


Hallmark: A card for every occasion. 

In producing this spot on a student budget...

We thoroughly planned each aspect before filming. After we confirmed our concept and shot list, we strategically planned our title cards and looked for actors. 


We picked our locations. The first location was the greeting card aisle at a local department store. The second location was a simple dining room. As we planned, I accounted for set decoration and lighting at our second location. Lighting proved most difficult, as we wanted to create a natural lighting that gave the impression of a window.


Last, we searched high and low for the appropriate greeting cards needed for this spot, before editing and finding a music track to accompany. 

Team: Ethan Stampler (AD), Rhiannon Newman (AD)

My Role: Director and Producer

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