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We were tasked with concepting, storyboarding, directing and producing

a :05, :30, and :60 ad for Screamfest, a horror film festival based in Hollywood, CA. Feeling inspired by Disneyland's "The Happiest Place on Earth," we came to the insight that for horror film lovers, these movies can actually offer a distraction from the horrifying realities of real life. Thus, we came to the idea of...


Screamfest: The Scariest

Place on Earth. 

As we were producing these spots...

We rattled off a list of events that are scarier than horror movies: being called out by your therapist, an unplanned positive pregnancy test, meeting your partners parents, a parking ticket... With a long list of the horrors of real life, we had to narrow down which ideas could be best communicated on screen.

Once everything was planned on paper, we started picking our set locations. This included an apartment, a school auditorium reworked to resemble a theater, and the creepiest alley we could find in Richmond, VA. Along with this, we had a long prop list, included, but not limited to: a machete, a mortar and pestle, and some sort of substances that looked like flesh and blood (no students were harmed in the making of this). 

Along the way, we also came up with the tagline of 'Fear Feels Good.' This idea quickly seeped into all three spots.

We filmed, and put hours into post-production in order to replicate the aesthetics of horror movies. We also secured the talent of voice actor and fellow Brandcenter student, Taylor Bendus, to bring power to the video through our voiceover.




Team: Emme Schumacher (AD), Henry Coffey (CW)

My Role: Director and Producer

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